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Electronic Banking / Master Card

3D Secure - enhanced security for online-shopping with your MasterCard

We always aim to offer you the latest safety-standards. 3D Secure is an innovative safety technology, which provides added protection against future unauthorized use of your card when you shop at participating online retailers.

3D Secure is a system which verifies the cardholder's identity each time an online purchase is made. You can either register your credit card while making a transaction or in advance via a link to the register server of First Data. Only one registration, in which you have to set a password, which is your personal 3D Secure Code, is necessary.

The 3D Secure Code is not just your identification whenever a transaction is made, but at the same time enhances security for online purchases and provides additional protection from unauthorized use.

As the number of online suppliers who already make use of this new security system rises, there are increasingly more online-shops which demand a registered credit card. Consequently a registration of your personal credit card is reasonable.

Method of Registration

If you want to use the new security standard, there are two options to sign in your card online and free of charge:

  1. Registration of your HSBC MasterCard for 3D Secure via the FirstData Homepage
  2. You can also sign in while making the first online purchase with a participating merchant. The shop-system will automatically pass you through to the registration.

Process of Registration

  1. 1. To register your credit card you need:
    • The number of your credit card and its expiration date
    • Some personal information that reveal your identity
  2. Afterwards you have to define your personal 3D Secure Code which has to be verified twice. The password chosen should be a combination of numbers and letters in mixed notation. The 3D Secure Code has to be treated strictly confidential like a personal identification number (PIN-code). As the cardholder you are responsible to protect it from foreign access. In case you forget your 3D Secure Code or assume that someone could be aware of your password, you have to reregister your card on registration site of First Data to protect it from misuse.
  3. Finally you will be asked to set a Personal Greeting message which, once defined by you, will be displayed during each payment process at online retailers that support 3D Secure.

Your Personal Greeting is an additional safety feature and indicates the authenticity of the actual connection.

If your Personal Greeting does not appear or is incorrect, you must not enter your 3D Secure Code. In this case please contact the First Data Help Service immediately, which is available around the clock (Phone: +49 69 7933 2555).